One Minute Fest Greenfield

"In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes."
- Andy Warhol. 1968
Capture is a short experimental film. The silent work addresses the themes of art, the artist, the muse, the subject, the spectator, the voyeur, media and exploitation. It explores the roles of the artistic creator, the audience and what it means to be an observer or a participant. The lines of privacy, the relationship between the artist and their subject/muse, creative expression and personal vision are rapidly changing. The questions pertaining to human vs. machine have evolved into human vs digital technology.
Exploring the use of portable media, Capture was made with an iPhone and the editing app, " Splice."
The final words, "Tap to Enter Your Text" is a play on words. It juxtaposes the silent message of the film by asking the spectator to draw their own conclusions. Thus creating a dialogue. It also demonstrates how easily and quickly images can be sent out into the world via technology. Texting, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter have become outlets for expression and exploitation. Capture, in essence is capturing the idea of Warhol's "...15 minutes of fame." The filmmaker is present throughout the film. Like Dziga Vertov in "Man With a Movie Camera (1929)," the subtle revelation says, "I am here. I am showing you this. The camera is present."
Filmmaker :
Grete Miller

Models :
Marcie Schlener
Christopher David Roche'
Stacy Bechtel


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