A teaser by Frode & Marcus for the Frode & Marcus book: Beekeeper published by Livraison Books March 2012.
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(L—B. 002)
In the backwoods of a deserted landscape a man is busy conducting bizarre experiments on bees. He views himself as their protector and caretaker. But there’s something unnerving about his methods. His intentions are literally veiled as we never see his face. A faint post-apocalyptic aura hangs over it all. Everything is marked by slow decay. Between sudden fits of anger and excitement lethargy seems to come over him. Long lost in his own universe, the man goes about his business oblivious to the outside world. If such a world even exists.
It’s impossible to say who the man we meet in Frode & Marcus´s photo novel ›Beekeeper‹ actually is. This is one of many enigmas that the novel won’t give away. In all its ambiguity this carefully constructed tale of isolation, disorder and new becomings asks us to descend into the deepest layers of our subconscious.


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