Peter, a young man who hates the fact that he isn't considered manly, tough, and most importantly gangster. His old acquaintance Russel puts him up to a job where he can finally prove his inner gangsterness. His job is to collect unpaid dues.

Written & Directed by Gene Nagata

Roberto Rodriguez
Steven Santroni
Krizia Quinio
Aaron Joseph Lind
Skateboarder: RJ Wolfe

Assistant Director: Mika David
Co-Writer: Dylan Gascon
Costumer/Hairstylist/Makeup Artist/Script Supervisor: Donna Ibale
Stunt Coordinator: RJ Wolfe
Production Assistant: Pichanuch Tiapattanakit

Technical specs:
-Shot entirely in 1 day in one location
-Shot with a Panasonic HVX-200a
-no adapter, just passed though magic bullet.
-Entirely handheld.
-All natural lighting except one 500w tungston.


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