Biblical Exposition

Paul now has to defend himself again before a new Governor of Judea - Festus. Felix, the previous governor, has been fired probably at Jewish insistence because of his inaction in the prosecution of Paul, who has now been sitting in Jail for 2 years.

Festus comes in wanting to show that he is in control, meets with Jewish leaders about Paul. He tells the Jewish leaders that if they want a trial it will be in Caesarea and not Jerusalem. Festus cannot decide about what to do with Paul either after hearing him, and wants Paul to go to Jersulem (knowing that he might be killed on the way) for another trial, but Paul, as a Roman citizen, appeals to Cesar in Rome.

We must remember that God has told Paul that he would speak the gospel in Rome earlier before the powers that be. In a providential act of God Herod Agrippa II and Bermice (his sister) come to congratulate Festus on his appointment as governor of the area that included Judea. Festus, not knowing what to do now, asks Herod Agrippa II to review the case because he has no charges to give to Caesar, which would look bad being it is his first days on the job. So Paul again gets ready to defend himself and proclaim the gospel to dignitaries in a great event.

God will always order his plans out of what we consider chaos. You must never look at the circumstances to decide God's actions but always God's plan as revealed in his promises. God will order his promises in your life, but you must believe them if you are to live confidently and be able to witness as Paul does here.


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