1 Minute: a Vimeo Project


Weekend Project: One Minute of Reflection

As the cold nights set in, with the last remnants of cracked sunshine, the boiler keeps us warm. Kettle + Teabag + Radio = Comfort, and allows the moment for reflection. A cup of tea solves everything, doesn't it?

"It's easy to get caught up in the brain-frying, bank-breaking hustle and bustle of the impending holiday season. What better time to stop and reflect on something understated, overlooked, yet absolutely indispensable in your life? If you've got a minute to spare, that's plenty of time to participate in in this classic Vimeo Project.

The rules are simple:

+ Find something in your surroundings that you're grateful for -- something that deserves thanks.
+ Since we're focusing on the little things in life, we'd like you to shoot on a macro scale. Get creative, get close, get as abstract as your heart desires!
+ Once you've found and framed your subject, shoot for exactly one minute.
+ There can be no camera movements (panning, tilting, etc.) or editing, and you must make use of only the original sound.
+ Your video must be added to the Weekend Project Group .

Part of a triptych...

1. BOILER: vimeo.com/53780462
3. BOILED: vimeo.com/53786405

j vimeo.com/53785315

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