Cold Lights deals with two scientific phenomena:
First, the biological and chemical phenomenon of luminescence (bioluminescence,chemiluminescence and fluorescence).
Second, techniques of „visualization“ and „screening“ in bioscientific research: We deconstructed used 15“ Tft-Displays and separated the Panels from its backlights. The panels were used as transparent „windows“ (still capable of presenting video content) in front of the black boxes, in which we placed our luminescent and fluorescent light sources.
A self-running and self-organizing system is presented:
The dramaturgical basic structure and all the mapping is done in realtime with MaxMspJitter. The elements of the installation are connected with 7 networked computers, 2 Audio-Interfaces, one usb-dmxinterface and 2 arduinos.

Luminale Frankfurt 2008 (Physikalischer Verein)
Festival Junger Talente 2008 (Hafen 2)


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