KYMAT Drop Sound Enlightenment
KYMAT makes massive Chill Out & Water Sound Images
a Visualized Sound Therapy.

This water soundscape is a process of changing chaos and order, as found repeatedly in nature.
The shapes and patterns are based on the law of the "golden cut", "the Flower of Life".
Thus we find identical vibrational patterns in tones, the planets, of our solar system, the time of day, our bodies, the animals, plants, people and colors.

KYMAT: Sven Meyer with assistant Meri Husagic
lovely voice: Hanna Leess
camera: Tim Kaiser, Fred Schuler, Ulf Mahn, Kim Pörksen
editing: Sven Meyer
installation hands: Jürgen Grothey, Nikolaus Gläser
a production of Elfenmaschine
thanks to all guests and helpers of the first KYMAT Liveact at Hamburger Botschaft


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