Animals: A Parallel History Coalition


Wildlife crime is dead serious. This low-risk, high-profit crime threatens some of the world's best-loved species and the rangers that protect them.

Episode Two in a series of SWC campaign videos produced by WWFUS with footage and interviews from WWF offices around the world. Contains interviews with experts in government, security and conservation including Hormats, Former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment, Ginette Hemley, Senior Vice President, Conservation Strategy & Science, WWF, Crawford Allan, Director, TRAFFIC North America, WWF, Elizabeth Bennett, Vice President, Species Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society, Eric Phu, Marketing Expert, Matthew Lewis, Senior Program Officer, African Species, WWF, David Greer, African Great Apes Program Coordinator, Global Species Team, WWF, and Ken Goddard, Director, National Fish & Wildlife Forensics Laboratory.

This episode highlights the issue of the slaughter of elephants for the ivory trade. Follow all of WWF's wildlife trafficking documentary footage released every Sunday at 7 pm EDT in September 2013 on World Wildlife Fund's YouTube channel by subscribing now and using the hashtag #StopWildlifeCrime while you watch.

RID: 3719


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