Riccardo Buscarini's new No Lander film available here:

In an endless space, five dancers play sailors lost at sea... nothing to hang on to, no roots, no light, no land... just a never ending horizon of waves. A melancholic and subtle meditation on the themes of Homer’s Odyssey, No Lander reflects upon longing and belonging. No Lander was initially developed as part of Middlesex University/ResCen research project ‘ArtsCross London 2013: Leaving Home, Being Elsewhere’ in August 2013 where a 10 minute version of the work was created.

No Lander

concept and choreography: Riccardo Buscarini
dancers: Henry Curtis, Wei Chan, Fang Tzu-Chiang, Petros Treklis, Chen An Wu.
music: Nero's Lyre (Lament for Solo Lyre in the Ancient Greek Phrygian Mode) by Michael Levy
costume styling: Lesley Lightfoot


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