Newcastle Video MovieMakers

During our overnight stopover at the Orienteering association hut at Belanglo State Forest (on our way home from the OZ Sprint and Long Champs) we wrote and shot this short film. The only filmmaking tool we had was my DSLR. No lights, mics or even a tripod, so we just used what we could find at the hut itself and purchased one essential prop at Moss Vale Lifeline.

It is cliched and cheesy but we are very happy with it considering we were babysitting Baxter and had him close by for the vast majority of the shoot, sometimes so close he was bumping the camera.

The bird noises are all real, as they happened, with just one of them being moved slightly from its original captured position.

We managed to win this months "toy or machine" themed film competition at our local club.
First drama/narrative film we have made in a couple of years. Might have to put in an effort and do some more. This was sort of fun. Hope you enjoy it.


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