Short Films & Motion Graphics

Editing this section of Road to Colossus was a walk in the park. My good friend Raj Bhatt >>>-------> provided the amazing track to build from and I had a couple hard drives full of beautiful travel shots to choose from. After I dropped in some of my favorites I found the dialogue from the scene looking at the map at the Nevada Club in Ely. I couldn't believe it! In a way this one statement summed up the whole trip (or any trip for that matter) in a loose metaphor about the bright lights that await at the end of any idea, adventure, or wish.

Oh, and since everyone always asks, that shot of the shoe tree is in Middle Gate, Nevada. While we were at the only bar in Middle Gate the waitress told us that a grad student writing her thesis about shoe trees came here because it is the largest reported shoe tree in the United States!


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