Venture Giant has hundreds of self accredited high net worth individuals, individual Venture Capitalists, and Venture Capital firms registered to us right now, actively seeking to invest into seed capital for leading edge start-ups to growth capital for profitable established mature businesses. Further, we have a range of angel Investors, Angel investment groups, and angel syndicates all subscribing to investment deal flow from Venture Giant.

We have gone through great lengths to build our investor database and advertised with and spent tens of thousands of pounds on sites like Digital Look (owned by CMC markets) targeting shareholders who have an average share portfolio of £250K. It has taken a while to build up our database.

Investors that we have approved to use Venture Giant can be seen on: and these are the profiles of investors that we have gathered during our investor certification process. We strictly do not operate an online community (like a social network) nor do we operate an unmoderated forum.

Only 40 - 50% of investment proposals that we approve on Venture Giant will actually receive one or more investor contacts, so even though other networks may boast about being able to get you 15 random leads, we concentrate on getting you the one or two genuine investors that have read your investment proposition and are genuinely interested in investing in you.

Further, it is not uncommon for some approved investors to only make contact with one or two entrepreneurs per year through Venture Giant and this is another testament that our screening process does work and how valuable receiving an investor contact on Venture Giant can be.

To be approved on Venture Giant as an investor, all investors must first agree and attest to satisfying at least one of the following two statements in order to use our service: a statement for Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor or a statement for Certified High Net Worth Individual and they must satisfy the criteria set forth.

Other networks may boast of thousands of investors but the bottom line is that Venture Giant has one of the highest investor decline rates in the industry of over 60%. This is how confident we are and the main reason on why we can operate a 'no-contact, no-payment' pricing structure.


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