This presentation introduces a new technology to construct nanoscale MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) within the structure of the actual CMOS wafer. Because the production process uses standard high-volume CMOS lines, it is simpler and faster than conventional MEMS fabrication methods. The technology takes advantage of the existing metal layers in a CMOS wafer to form the MEMS structure using standard mask techniques. As only standard CMOS processes are used, the MEMS device can be directly integrated with active circuitry. Costs can be reduced by two thirds and even more if several different MEMS are created together on the same chip. In addition, the process allows MEMS devices an order of magnitude smaller than currently possible, bringing MEMS into the realm of nanostructures, with the associated benefits of smaller size, lower power consumption, and faster operation.

Key Take-Aways:
Learn how to build MEMS devices directly into the wafer using standard CMOS production techniques

Discover the market for high-volume, cost-sensitive MEMS devices

Understand how multiple products of different functions can be created on a single chip to further reduce costs

Presented by Dave Doyle, CEO, Baolab Microsystems

An industry veteran with 28 years experience, David Doyle started his career in semiconductor sales with Ferranti, Plessey, and then Motorola. In 1991 he moved to European sales management roles in EDA with Intergraph and then VeriBest/Mentor Graphics. He joined the management team at ARC International in 1999 and served as VP of Worldwide Field Operations until he accepted the role of Baolab Microsystems CEO in 2008. His present mission: commercialize the company's patented, disruptive NanoEMS technology for creating MEMS within a CMOS wafer.

Courtesy of GlobalSpec Events


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