ROUNDTABLE 3: MEMS - MEMS, tiny micro-electromechanical systems that function as miniature machines, are showing up in all facets of our daily lives. Estimated to be a $10B industry in 2012, market analysts predict that the industry will continue to see steady, sustainable double-digit growth for the next six years, increasing to $20B by 2017.

MEMS technology has dominated the automotive industry for decades, and is the ‘special sauce’ that helped lead to the success of both Nintendo Wii and Apple iPhone. More recently, advanced incarnations of these
traditional stalwarts, coupled with the arrival of combo sensors and “emerging MEMS” devices, have speeded the proliferation of MEMS into all facets of our daily lives. From accelerometers and gyros that ‘interpret’
motion, to magnetic compasses, microphones, and even energy harvesters, MEMS devices are dramatically improving user experiences, saving lives, reducing emissions, and lowering costs—all in a smaller form
factor with less power consumption. This panel of industry experts will identify some of the MEMS applications that are helping to create a new world of budding investment opportunities.

Moderator: Karen Lightman, Managing Dir. MEMS Industry Group
Robert G. Andosca, Founder, President and CEO/CTO, MicroGen Systems
Mark Martin, Vice President, MEMS and Sensors Group, Analog Devices Inc
Todd Miller, Lab Manager, MicroSystems & MicroFluidics GE Global Research


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