Performance Art

ouve-me [hear me] is a long durational performance about the body as a space that we inhabit. In this work the performers body is presented as the space of the action, freed of the space itself, but limited by his one condition, organicity and sound.

I invited the audience one by one to enter a dark room. Deprived from their eyesight, they entered. I held their hand and asked them to trust me. I led them in the darkness until the middle of the room, where I delivered them a set of headphones and said: hear me.
My body plays a heartbeat mantra. I'm connected to a microphone that amplifies the low sounds of my heart.
In the dark they enter in the sound they stay.
My heart is present and we are connected by that primal sound. Together we share this moment of presence.
Softly I touched their hands with an ice cube. Iced memory for them to take in their skin.

We are made of the same dust. Listen... what I talk is never what I talk, but something else... listen.

performance by Patrícia Corrêa
presented at FONLAND FESTIVAL opening
April 27, 2013 | 21h00 - 24h00
Espaço Artes, Multimédia e Performance - Alliance Française, Coimbra | Portugal



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