Visual Music Group

technical details

The composition was made from creating and reworking of sounds (bells, pads, voices, percussive sounds) by synthesis (granular, ring modulation, subtractive, additive, cross synthesis) and next reverberating and filtering of the sounds so obtained.
The video was made entirely using 2d/3d graphics, animation and digital editing. Each soundin’ object, each movement, each dynamic path becomes a visual object, which lives in perfect harmony with the composition.
The work dates back to December 2007.

the project

This project is born from a predominantly pictorial idea. A lunar landscape, alien, digital and absolutely unreal is the leitmotif for the entire audio/video composition.
In it every single element becomes a living and beating entity that changes, evolves, it follows paths, twists and leads to constantly be different from itself, while not affecting its primary nature.
So in all of the six sections, treated with no solution of continuity, we see an environment that sometimes seems dark and empty, other times rich and sunny, more times dreamy and ethereal, where natural elements such as trees, liquids, clouds, coexist peacefully in synergy with the non natural reality of the regular shapes, smooth as crystal, still and suspended in a wadding-like and seemingly unchangeable atmosphere.
Then the Dance begins and the sound and visual web is interwoven in plots in constantly changing and who listens and observes is catapulted into always new feelings that chase each other smoothly.
Anguish, loneliness, sadness cross, uniting inextricably to black and deep emptyness made of absences, whispers, sighs sometimes bad. Sweetness, serenity, clarity, they confuse and alternate in long, soft sounds flowing light in the changing chasing of shapes. Harsh moments and liquid feelings wander in space that looks for peace.
Yet, in the long and slow change, a constant element echoes in sign of any changes in the landscape, a melancholic and distorted bell that marks with its rhythmic tolling the alternation between emptyness and fullness, color and not color, stillness and motion. And then voices break the harmony mild and light; they grow from nothing, chase each other incessant, whisper, overlap, become obsessive and long laments in a space increasingly rich of life; they confuse shapes with each other making it unintelligible what happens. They are born to blur the mind becoming almost unbearable; oppress the atmosphere filling it with color and sound to leave then to the silence the task of restoring peace to senses, in a broken and achromatic atmosphere: They are the voices of spiders dancing in a circle the dance that is not, who have the task of weaving the web, discarding and weaving it again following always different architectures and that lead by hand those who want to be part of their endless journey.
And that is how the Dance fulfills and in its changing it returns finally calm and shape, substance and sense, color and soul to a world where everything is nothing and nothing is everything ...


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