How might we get young adults more affected by SOS Barnbyar’s stories?
We found an opportunity in the very center of your organization! We took the branch in your logotype and made it grow up into the Evergreen Tree. It’s an interactive tree presented on a touch screen – it’s a new way of telling stories! When a person pass the tree, it will interact by the children saying hi to you and the leaves makes a whispering sound. When you get closer, the tree will get its true colours. Each leaf represent a cause in the world that is in need of support. If you touch a leaf, the story behind it will pop up, explaining what’s needed to be done. A fundraising meter shows how much is funded and how you can help out. Donatations are done swiftly with your mobile device.

Once you’ve donated, the leaf will glister and branch out digitaly to your smartphone – your own branch to nurture in the future. When someone else is donating to ‘your’ leaf it reacts in real time. Together we will be able to keep our tree green all year around.

Ann Rubin, Calle, Daniel Hedblad, Danijela Froki, Max Kurstjens

j vimeo.com/72880079

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