The " DataBend Conspiracy " Group _ .

First impression of a video I'm working on.

In our high-tech world, unpredictable behaviour from technology is often perceived as negative. These glitches however, a.k.a. 'the ghost in the machine', can be a starting point to expand the possibilities of image production in the digital age. For this video, I used a technique called 'datamoshing', in which digital video images deliberately are made unstable by removing keyframes. The result is that the movement from video B is translated into the image of video A, so that this image becomes radically transformed. In this work, I use found footage in different formats (digital HD, VHS, Super 8, ...) literally as "paint", smearing images to create painterly, abstract, dreamlike landscapes. By deliberately adding glitches, the digital image becomes unstable and a new means of expression, making it possible to add painterly qualities to video, thus mixing characteristics of contemporary and age-old media.


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