bmx thing

So way back before I established Shoveit, we used to mess about making videos of our bmx antics under the name of Unofficial BMX.

This was back when long vhs tapes with loads of full rider sections were the big craze, before quick web edits.

I had a fisheye lens duck taped to the end of my Sony Hi8 camcorder and I used to film, edit and burn these onto VHS tapes and send them Round to people. It was time consuming, but it was a good laugh. This is part 1 of the "unofficial Team Video"... however I have no idea where part 2 is. But I will keep looking.

This features early riding from John Mcvea, Alastair Beckett and myself. as well as intro's to the rest of the "Unofficial team" lol

Additional filming from John McVea, Ali Beckett, Peter Dempster and Ben Reid.


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