bmx thing

Hot and Sweaty.
Dave Raffa
Drew Quinlan
Jd Whitehead
Chris Aceto
Chase Dehart
Josh Babu
Pat Quinn
Jim T.
Chris Girouard
Tommy Enright
Jake Grelli
Mike O.
Johnny Stohlman
Nick Seabasty
Court Freeman
Tommy Harris
Brian Jackson
Jeff Bustard
Pat Cregan

Camera: Sony fx1
opteka .4x

Huge thanks to Drew and Dave once again, they pulled though always leaving me impressed. Drew and I put in some major work this year, we managed to do a Hunt DVD part along with this mix. 2012 was crazy; from run-ins with the law, meeting awesome new people, graduating from college and getting to ride my bike more than ever. Cant ask for more. Thanks to anyone who was down to help me film this video. 2013 should be fun.

intro/Boston trip- Slideshow at free university by Le Tigre
Vineland spot- Karl Malone by Tree
Jakes House- I wanna go by Summer Heart
FDR/Aceto- My body's a zombie for you by Dead man's bones
Mix section- Bandz a make her dance by Juicy j
Butter commercial- Napalm brain scatter by DJ Shadow
Chase/Dave split- Araab Muzik- Feeling it
Drew Q part- Whale by Yellow Ostrich


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