A suburban town outside of Boston (Billerica, MA) passes a plan that will destroy the town center without the knowledge of the majority of the residents. This ignites George Simolaris, a quirky town meeting representative, to start a one-man grassroots campaign to overturn the plan with just a few hand painted signs, his three dogs, and a trumpet. As his "Save the Center" message spreads throughout the town, residents start to take notice and join in the fight. This leads to an epic showdown between the government officials and the townspeople.

Starring: George Simolaris, Matt Farrell and Nicole D'Auteuil

Cinematographers: Rick Dorrington and Brian Dorrington Jr.

Colorist: Karl Tacheron
 of Modulus Studios
Sound Mixer: Damon Addleman of Modulus Studios
Online Editor: R.J. Placko
Additional Sound Mix: Alexis Guneratne


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