Nature in HD

During our road trip, one of the destinations we picked out was Antelope Canyon. I'd seen a lot of pictures online of the slot canyon and had dreamed of filming it for years because very few videos have been made there.

This was supposed to the personal highlight of the trip for me, but I had no idea just how crowded it would be, and that I wouldn't have any time to setup for my shots or be allowed to use a tripod. (Tripods are only allowed on certain tours, and they were booked full.) So, though I wasn't expecting to have to do it, I put my video camera on full auto and just concentrated on trying to capture the best shots I could handheld considering my time and space constraints.

After the visit was over, I was dreading to look at the footage I shot. I had set my expectations too high for the visit, and I just felt disappointed with my experience there. In the end, there were a lot of usable shots and though the video isn't what I had hoped to do when I was picturing filming Antelope Canyon, it turned out kind of cool.

I hope you enjoy the visit through my lens!

Filmed August 18th, 2013 on my Canon XA10.


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