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Teaser for Boris Chimp 504 AudioVisual Live Performance 2012.

BORIS CHIMP 504 is an audiovisual real-time performance that emphasizes audio synthesis and graphical languages in a futuristic Sci-Fi aesthetics. It's a real time interactive/reactive system between the audio and the image, between the man and the machine.
As the present days seem invaded by worn-out formulas that lead to the "stupidification" of the (human) senses, Boris Chimp 504 invokes Pop Destroyer - bring to the masses new ways of understanding sound and image - and claims for extreme sensations as a way of bringing the future sooner...

In 1969 the Chimp Cosmonaut Boris 504 was sent in a mission to the moon.He never came back. His last communication was from the moon surface on the 7th July 1969...

Music: Miguel Neto
Visuals: Rodrigo Carvalho


All visuals Audio Reactive in real time.
VDMX+Quartz Composer (special thanks to 1024 for the structure tools and Vade for the Rutt Etra)


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