23 Second DO

My third ever attempt at animation. Inspired by the Do Lectures, drawn while sat in the passenger seat of a camper van travelling northbound on the M42.

I already have a Do Lecture ticket thanks to the generosity of my friends and twitter followers who crowdsourced me the funds in return for delayed donations (with interest) which I'll be paying to charities of their choice over the next 12 months (see here for info: letcreativitybegin.blogspot.com/2009/08/when-passion-and-people-power-collides.html)

My main reason for doing this animation was because no-one else had done one and I wanted to cheer up the Do Lectures team ... hopefully it will also spur others on to have a go and submit a video ... if I win then I'll donate the ticket to whichever of my friends/followers convinces me they're most deserving :-)

j vimeo.com/6280808

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