"FEED AND BLEED" - A dance and media performance on global shock waves by Cornelia Böhnisch, Katharina Schrott, Hüseyin Evirgen and Marc Ischepp.

Two bodies - two souls - uncountable worlds. Our worlds, as they are created in our heads every second. choose one of the provided glasses before You enter the theatre and you will experience "Feed and Bleed" differently than your seat mate.
Out of time, out of place, out of mind. after a stirring event.
Choreographic layers crossing mutated movement landscapes. Noise flickers astound one's ears.

"Feed and Bleed" has been initiated in January 2011. The phrase "feed and bleed" describes a technical procedure that cools nuclear reactors in an emergency.
During the rehearsal process no one of the crew could have ever imagined, that only a few months later our perception, our actions and reactions will be split into real-life and half-life.
Real-life facing the obvious nuclear power and half -life trying to deal with the drastic influence to all of our minds and souls. Our hearts imploded to absolute zero making theatrical discussions more than ambivalent due to the current events.

Being confronted with images of prevision, fate and constant mind-overwhelming blur, we started to dare thought of the "world after". Together, Cornelia Böhnisch, Katharina Schrott, Hüseyin Evirgen and Marc Ischepp risk the naturally fragmented paraphrase of the "soul of the half-life".

What is the soul of the half-life? No one knows, but it emerges.
Dancers and choreographers Cornelia Böhnisch and Katharina Schrott layer the omnipresent media images with fragments of mysterious and innocent lifestyles to transform shock waves into intimacy. To create entirely new images and reflective questions in our minds - and sometimes even fly lightly.

Cornelia Böhnischs and Katharina Schrott world is full of archaic life force and mutated creatures, dread in fresh flowers to recall the mystery of creation and the miracle of life. A story of growth and decay according to the eyes of the beholder. A touching self-contained world by apparent beauty and the power of new life cycles.

Quotes by Friedrich Hölderlin and the Young Viennese writer Jopa give this world its location. Together with the distinctive dance language they merge with the exceptional music by Hüseyin Everigen and Marc Ischepps stage design. A set ofseynergies and synthetics, interacting and transforming with the audiences view through the provided colored glasses.

Welcome to Bambi-landscapes, which do not answer questions - but represent them.

Cornelia Böhnisch is a dancer and choreographer in Austria and well known for her striking and distinctive innovations.

Katharina Schrott was educated as dancer and choreographer at the famous "SNDO" in Amsterdam and created many works together with Cornelia Böhnisch.

Hüseyin Evirgen is a DJ bades in Berlin and composer of elecronic music.

Marc Ischepp works as an automotive designer, having shaped the spectacular new design language of KTM motorcycles.


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