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These are clips of a recent dive vacation in Coron's Barracuda Lake. Barracuda Lake is a unique dive where you can experience 3 different layers of thermocline. The top layer of the lake is freshwater, the middle is geothermally-heated brackish water, and the bottom is salt water. As you pass through the thermoclines, you can see light refracting (underwater mirages), and you can feel the significant change in temperature. Half your body can be cold while the other half is warm.

You can do the dive naked because the water is sauna-hot. You will also be less buoyant because of the fresh water--further reducing the need for a wetsuit.

We didn't have the chance to shoot clips of climbing up the limestone cliffs to get to the lake, since we were more concerned with hauling ourselves safely through the cliffs clad in full dive gear with video equipment.

0:39 and 0:42 - GoPro fanboys :)
1:02 - the silt floor you can sink in
1:16 - jagged limestone walls of the lake
1:57 - the lone local barracuda
2:10 - this part of the clip is not out of focus. This is a thermocline
2:13 -squeezing through limestone cliffs
2:28 - lazy fishes relying on humans to crack open mollusc shells for them

Equipment used:
Panasonic GH-1 with 14-45mm lens
10-bar housing
2 x Light and Motion Sola 600 lights

Music: Barracuda by Heart (1977)

j vimeo.com/56849240

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