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A circular space that embraces city vibe.
The video introduces a movable structure that continues to exist in different places: a travelling car pavilion, designed as a cylindric structure enclosed by recycled rubber cords and semi-transparent pvc awnings that can be converted into an interactive twitter-wall by a rear projection system.

The pavilion partners with eco-friendly corporates (like electric cars producers) as it aims to bridge people’s desires and their understanding of urban problems. By mixing new and old ways of meeting (cyber space vs. physical space), the project invites everyone and anyone to take part in discussing, debating, and awakening each other of all sorts of social issues and causes. In the end, the pavilion will satisfy the city and its residents as both virtual and real space reuniting everyone together.

A project by:
Laif Architects | Gianluca Fontana, Giulia Giusti, Giuliana Sibilla

Umin - Voulo by Bad Panda Records is licensed under a CC License

Synopsis by:
Lucia Bosso

This video is released under a CC License
by The Piranesi Experience / Just for city dreamers


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