Light Graffiti

Harald Seiwert was in town for a Light Painting session and some catching up. We wanted to go outside but it was too wet so we stayed in the comfort of the living room which came with the added benefit of being able to listen to music, play guitar and even do a garage band session in between.. His explosion of happiness upon seeing the first good shot was very recognizable so we kept on going until blue hour.
We set up 3 cameras shooting simultaneously and I merged/grooved/carved/shizzled/ionized the resulting photos into this video. He’s an experienced 3D animator as well and we have plans to collaborate on that front too.

Here you’ll find some of the original photos used to make this video and the rest of my light painting collection:

Hugo Baptista: Light Painting, Post-Production, Acoustic guitar.
Harald Seiwert: Model, Rythm&Syth, Inspiration.


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