WTP inspiration

This video was made for "Wadeeny" in 2012, a car pooling service, first time in Egypt. Stop-motion animation was the main technique used to execute this video. As we wanted to make a different style from typical motion graphics ads which are popular nowadays, we worked on creating a mixed media platform, between illustrated computer animation and realistic cut outs stop motion animation.

From script to final editing, each part was done from scratch. A sketchy story board was drawn to visualize each scene and all materials needed. We took pictures from the streets of Cairo, to capture the essence of the city. Each was edited in photoshop, different colors moods were tested to reach the optimum direction. Afterwards items were printed and cut out to compose each scene in my own living room. We had a small setting like a theatre where the story actually took place.

We set a basic lighting system with small spot lights, a reflector and a diffusive cloth to give us some depth, and contrast then started taking hundreds of pictures. In the end, final retouches and color correction, were done in the post production phase as well as adding the animated character, our hero.

The character was inspired by Wadeeny’s style and application icons. We gave the character a sketchy wiggly feel to it, to increase the contrast between the realistic background and our main focus, the hero.

Program used: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Sound track pro.

Video Production: Heba El Kest & Mona Diab
Character design: Sara Sallam
Script: Mona Diab and Sara Sallam

j vimeo.com/62533892

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