fixed gear

4 guys, 4 days, 400 km and 4.000m in height. These are the milestones for the 8bar FIXED ALPCROSS.
In summer 2012 the 8bar team needed a new challenge. That’s how the idea came up to cross the alps with their Fixed Gear bikes.

The team started in Mittenwald/ Germany cycled all the way through Austria and then heated down south to Lake Garda in Italy.

You find a full diary about their trip here:

Cinematographer: Joni Zaza //

Animation: Christoph Stahl

Concept/Producer: Stefan Schott, 8bar bikes

Sounddesign: Max Jonas Baginski

Blossom - Eternal dream //
Paso - #14 //
Dub Terminator - Sound experipents - Alpcross edition // Sound experipents (Dub Terminator) / CC BY-SA 3.0
Salakapakka Sound System - Kapina Tiibetissa // Kapina Tiibetissa (Salakapakka Sound System) / CC BY 1.0
Max Jonas Baginski - Skizze
Paso - #37 //
Lowe Opta - iii // iii (Lowe Opta) / CC BY-SA 3.0
salakapakka sound system - street buddha // album: buddha machines on fire
Street Buddha (Salakapakka Sound System) / CC BY 1.0
Paso - Rhodes //


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