augmented video installations

An installation at the crossroads of sculpture, mapping and animation
film. Antonin De Bemels transforms a wood sculpture into a living
dummy, that tries desperately to find out whether it is human or not.
It misses a lot of important body parts, like legs, arms, eyes, mouth...
but wonders if all these human attributes are really necessary to be
human. How can an inanimate object become a living thing? The
installation shows the existential quest of a nonexistent being, and is
at the same time a reflection on our own existential drift.

Contact: antonindb (a) or

"Autoscopy was defined by Critchley (1950) as 'delusional dislocation of the body image into the visual  sphere' and by Lukianowicz (1958) as 'a complex psychosensorial hallucinatory perception of one's own  body image projected into the external visual space'. Both these imply that the self remains associated with the physical body and that a duplicate body is seen at a distance."
(Susan Blackmore, Ph.D.)

1) a figure representing the human form, used for displaying clothes, in a ventriloquist's act, as a target, etc.
2) a copy or imitation of an object, often lacking some essential feature of the original


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