Digital Exposure

Last Sunday november 18 at the beach. Bit of a long lens experiment shot between 3:45 en 4:30 afternoon. That seems to be magic hour in autumn.

Shot with a Canon 5DIII
Canon 100-400
Okii focus controller
Zacuto - Letus Redrock Micro franken plate rig to keep the 400mm supported.

Brought aSmallHD DP4 viewfinder and magic arm but…. HDMI cable trouble made it useless.
Sharpening is all the way down in the 5DIII making giving me a bit of trouble focussing at 400mm.
Okii controller has a punch-in button next to the record start/stop which was very usefull.

Found the OKii very usefull with such a long lens, no need to touch the lens and because it was close to the tripod plate didn't disturb the camera in anyway when focussing it or pressing buttons.

It has three settings, from large steps to tiny adjustments which is really handy on such a long lens.

Because the Mark III has such a muddy image on the LCD not a lot of focus pulling, would want a EVF for that with nice peaking. And to be honest was just there for a bit of testing, first time i shot some real video with the 100-400mm.

Erik Alfred Leslie Satie - Gymnopédie No.1

And no I have no idea what all these people are doing there :)


Shooting and color correcting this video was inspired by this excellent blog pot on the fantastic Shane Hurlbut website:


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