This piece is an hour-long allegorical dream-sequence. Throughout, there is a strong contrast between two worlds, a barren place made up of falling rocks and mechanical objects, and a lush, green, pastoral setting. These worlds interplay against one another until they finally collide in the end. All the while, we see hints of scenes from Tarkovsky movies, as if they might be forming in his head, such as the opening balloon sequence from "Andrei Rublev", and the "Traveling down the pipe" sequence in "Stalker". Moments of meditative serenity are constantly interrupted by warnings of impending doom. Subtle "strangities" abound, such as pond ripples which "skip beats" and sound effects which seem oddly out-of-place, constant reminders that we are indeed in a dream world.

The film was shot with two cameras, a JVC Everio, and a Pentax WG-3, mostly hand held. A tripod was used for a small number of scenes. It was largely filmed during my 1/2 hour-long break at work each day, in farmland just down the street, located in Irvine, CA. Other locations include Crystal Cove Beach in Laguna Beach and "The Great Balloon" in Irvine, CA. A few scenes, filmed with the JVC (which was stolen) include downtown Los Angeles locations near the repair of the First Street Bridge, and a storm drain pipe in the LA river.

This movie was boiled down from about 8 hours of footage to one hour, and edited, using Sony Vegas Pro. It was inspired by the amazing visions of Andrei Tarkovsky, and I attempted to stick to his aesthetic by using a slower, longer scene construction style which contrasts with my usual quick, very fast-paced shooting style.


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