Interactive Installations


The spirit of fire is back!! the one that burned the castle in 1424 and 1774 is here to once again make the Residenschloss
collapse. The heroes of that time are also back to defend their memories and they need you.
Level of Detail is proud to present ‘‘Helden’’ an interactive video mapping where the past and present are connected.
Through a touch screen you will be able to help Goethe, Karl Augustus, Friedrich von Thouret and others.
With their power or objects,like the enlightenment of consciousness, a prisme, neoclassical sculptures, Faust, and
some Weimaraner you will have to stop the tragedy to happen again.
Beaware though, the fire has more than a trick in its sleeve and your choice might not
produce the desired effects. The only way to defeat it is for you to learn who our heroes
where and what they did for the Residenschloss to stand through time.


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