First webisode of Star Wars Turkish Fan- Made Web series

webisode 2 airs on : June 2010

for more info :

About Project : Rise of the Rebellion is a fan made web show, made in Turkey. Its completely non - profit production. It's not sponsored or authorized by Lucas Film Ltd. The purpose of the project is sharing the love of Star Wars myth with the fans around the world.

Synopsis : Story is set up in the era between episode 3 and 4. Newly formed Rebel Alliance seeks opportunity to gather supplies and information about Emperor's "ULTIMATE WEAPON" . In the meantime last remnants of the Jedi hide in outer rim planets hoping Emperor's oprression will never find them. In the course of odyssey 2 rebel spies travel with faithfull friends,to an Empire occupied planet Eison where they meet new allies,alien creatures and evil machines.

Executive Producer / Director : Can Akdağ

Visual Effects supervisor : Batuhan Çokmar

Production Manager : Orkun Savaş

Director of Photography : Burak Erdener, Batuhan Çokmar

Screenplay : Can Akdağ, Batuhan Çokmar

Sound design & Editing : Ali Arıkök (original star wars sound design Ben Burtt)

Second Unit director :Efe Peker

Original Star Wars Sound track : John Williams

Original SOTE sound track : Joel McNeely

Filming Locations : Ankara (Bilkent University Communication & Design Studios), Bolu, İstanbul Turkey


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