Hybrid film/documentation of a performance art piece exploiting the oppressive repetition of an action and the repetition of an aria to explore the rubric of discipline (e.g. school, spinster teacher, schooled voice i.e. operatic singing, etc.), and its role in repression by dogma (e.g. education, religion, politics etc.). The rigidity of the actions are in contrast to the voluptuous aria (“Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix” / aka Delilah’s aria by Bizet) that accompanies those actions - the disciplined context reshapes the most seductive aria in the opera canon, while the aria in turn eroticizes the disciplinary.

More info: dissonanceonline.com/the-schooling-of-desire/

Installation version: vimeo.com/62426262

j vimeo.com/60370828

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