This is just a quick and dirty test of the new image stabilization capability found in Sony Vegas Pro 10. The footage was not terribly shaky to begin with, as I was using a monopod and shooting a mostly stationary subject. That being said, the results of the stabilization are pretty good, in my opinion.

I used the "Handheld camera, slow-moving scene" profile

I adjusted the Accuracy slider all the way to the right for Best Accuracy

I chose "Pan/Tilt" as the motion to stabilize (since I was on a monopod, Roll should have been negligible, and there's not zooming in this shot)

I set Pan/Tilt stabilization to 35 (default is 50, perhaps results would have been even better if I had left it alone, but I was aiming for minimal frame cropping.)

If anyone else has tried this capability out yet, please let me know what you think of it, or if you have any tips/observations!

Thanks for watching!


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