Stop Motion

I got my Olympus EPL3 converted to IR recently and decided to make a stopmotion video using it.
EQUIPMENT: an Olympus EPL3 converted to IR by ACS, a Panasonic Lumix f/1.7 20mm pancake lens, and a shutter release cable.
CAMERA SETTINGS: custom white balance with the colour set to monochrome, shutter priority, high speed continuous shooting mode.

Each photo is around 2k resolution. I wanted to shoot at the maximum res (around 4k) but found that the continuous shooting speed started to lag as the memory card buffer got full too quickly, slowing the fps to around 2fps on average, resulting in choppy stopmotion footage. Keeping the res at 2k prevented this and enabled the fps to stay between 4-5fps.
ROUTE: Starts in Hyde Park, then through Kensington Gardens, then along Exhibition Road to South Kensington tube station.
MUSIC: I composed a piano piece to go with the video. Here it is on Soundcloud:

I waited for the right weather to fully bring out the IR effect: blue skies and good sunshine, but I live in London, and the weather refused to cooperate. After repeatedly trekking out to find clouds lining the sky I gave up and made the video anyway. Oh well. Either way, I hope you like it.


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