contemporary dance

music by Ori Lichtik

Video by: Amit sides | Kobie Flashman | Ascaf Avraham

Sharon Eyal Creator

Sharon Eyal was born in Jerusalem. She danced with
the Batsheva Dance Company from 1990 until 2008
and began choreographing within the framework of
the company's Batsheva Dancers Create project.
Eyal served as Associate Artistic Director of Batsheva
between 2003-2004, and House Choreographer of the
company between 2005-2012.
In 2009 Eyal began creating pieces for other dance
companies in the world: Killer Pig (2009) and Corps de
Walk (2011) for Carte Blanche Dance of Norway; Too
Beaucoup (2011) for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago,
and Plafona (2012) for Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg,
In 2013 Eyal launches L-E-V with her long-time
collaborator Gai Behar. This October, they premiered
Untitled Black in collaboration with the Goteborgs
Operans Danskompani in Gothenburg, Sweden. Eyal is
the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2004
Ministry of Culture Award for young dance creators
and the 2009 Landau Prize for the Performing Arts in
the dance category. In 2008, she was named a Chosen
Artist of the Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation.

Gai Behar Creator

Gai was a notorious mover and a shaker of Tel Aviv's
live music, art and nightlife scenes from 1999 till 2005.
Gai joined Sharon in co-creating Bertolini in 2006 and
has collaborated along with Ori Lichtik on the creation
of Sharon Eyal's choreographic works ever since.

Ori Lichtik Sound Artist

Ori Lichtik is a multifaceted musician, drummer and
creative DJ. Since their first collaboration on Bertolini,
Lichtik has created alongside Gai and Sharon throughout
the choreographic process, reflecting off of the dancers'
movements, and as often inspiring and prompting them
with the tone and pace of his percussive sounds and
rhythms. The compositions result in precise sets that
structure the works. Each live show is then improvised
with fresh layers of digitally manipulated effects, creating
a unique sound experience for every event.
One of the founding fathers of the techno scene in Israel,
he has created, produced and spinned musical
productions, techno raves and various other music and
performance events since 1996. During the last decade
Lichtik has taught and coordinated the DJ Department of
Muzik, college for musical productions.


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