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With what can be perceived as a homage to a similar video of The Tallest Man On Earth, we strolled to the illustrious Denmark Street. On a Saturday afternoon, the streets bustled with folk exchanging carefree parlance within the numerous cafes lining the streets. Ironically, an understated acoustic guitar shop is what stood out to us. We proceeded through the main room, past clumps of cliental ‘guitar-wanking’, as Jacob put it. Eddie Van-Halen et al. However, suitably esconsced at the back of the room was a separate area, alluringly cordoned off. We were all set and ready to record, when two Australian (I can only assume) gentlemen walked in to the space. They then proceeded for the subsequent 15 minutes to converse with a salesman and displayed considerable ignorance towards valued guitars, and even managed to request and receive a brief lesson in comparative British and International tax legislation. I know, right. Practically milliseconds after they left the room, we began recording and Ian rattled straight into his song. Happiness and relief soon turned into a complete immersion; as Ian’s face was intermittently bathed in light, in the dimly lit room, a spiritual feel manifested as he poured out his soul. Immediately afterwards, I felt catharsis. Beautifully crafted guitars hung from all four walls. Then I stepped out of the room and back into the real world. Back into the world of guitar-wanking.

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