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The alternate ending with the dance battle.

Shot in 2 days, in a hall near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The pre-production took us about 1,5 month, the post 2 weeks. Though the budget was damn small, we made it. No extra costs. Thanks to the whole team.

Extras: Natascha Böhler, Sophia, Katharina, Johannes Schuchardt, Florian Conrads, Christian, Stefan, Mary, Flo, Rico, Hans, Phillip, Tim, JoJo, Azi, Jens, Attila, Olli, and many more ...

Producer: Paul Ohmert
Executive Producer: Matthias Bazylli, Yves kasten
Production Assistant/Set Management: Robin Nickel
Set Assistant: Patrizia Fischer
Set-Runner: Christoph Hülsen

Director: Paul Ohmert
Continuity: Conrad Schmidt

Choreography: Nicole Wiese

1. Camera: Anselm Belser
2. Camera: Sam Muirhead
3. Camera: Daniel Raabe
Camera Assistant: Cate Smierczak

Light: Florian Wurzer, Matan Radin, Sven Lösche, Paul Näther, Christian könig

Set Design: Caroline Ohmert
Requisites: Judith Carnaby, Nika Reichenbach, Mathias Brandenburg

Make-Up: katja Matzkowski, Annika Noack, Melanie Hofschulz, Daniela Blaschke

Costumes: Mareike Bay, Rabea Schäfers, Monique Scheibel, Jessica Papke, Rike Günther

Editing: Sam Muirhead, Paul Ohmert

Catering: Andi Hellblau

Light Equipment: Cine Service, Marlene Grell (United Motion)

Sound Equipment: Benny Franke

Set Equipment: Michael kunzler

Thanks to:
Station Berlin for the location and the awesome support
Friendly Society for set dressing equipment and some costumes
Jens Krassnig for the devils costume
Hendriks Martz for the technical support
Volker Ohmert for the car and the helping hands


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