Quartz Compositions

This video results from a utilisation of Dustin O'Connor's MIDI Arpeggiator Plugin for Quartz Composer, with the resulting sampleable frequencies, volume peaks and waveforms being used to create Mesh Structures that are then rendered in image, prior to being presented from a GLSL Grid within a GLSL Shader. The upload is the product of an offline render in Quartz Crystal using the audio resulting of the composition when in live render mode.

The GarageBand track is called LPM-00 though it is only the MIDI portions of which that are drawn upon by the MIDI Arpeggiator plugin [kineme.net/composition/dust/MidiArpeggiator].

Next upload may well be the screen capture prior to this offline render versioning, done in Screenium.

j vimeo.com/39970405

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