This is our second showreel which comprises only full CG animations. All that is shown in this video were made (from pre-visualization to final product) by Zblur team.

Stills & more: behance.net/gallery/ZbluReel-2013/5272509

Extended Cut: vimeo.com/zblur/extended
So if you're too busy you can choose to watch the 40-second version, and if you want to see more, take 2 minutes of your time.

Basically the "extended cut" was supposed to be the sole, but because my brother Martin did not like it (was too slow and contains very long fragments), I decided to assemble this "extreme cut".

- V&S :: CG Short Film (2011)
- ProRacer :: Official Cinematic Trailer (2011)
- Vehicles & Streets :: Earlier Test Version (2009)
- Army Rage :: Extended Official Cinematic Trailer (2012)
- Army Rage :: Official Cinematic TV Spot (2013)
- Fluid Universe :: In Production (2013)

j vimeo.com/81501568

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