Given the daily headlines in the media, it might seem that we have come to accept the mediaʼs motto that “If it bleeds, it leads.” All too frequently it seems, disaster and suffering get the limelight and prime time treatment, while inspiring stories of everyday heroes go untold. These invisible heroes are our neighbors, our friends, and the people we pass on the street who have made a commitment to help those in need. They come from all over the globe, and they come from your home town. They are what make “helping those in need” not just a notion, but a reality.

For over 20 years a group of medical professionals from a small town in Washington State has made an annual trip to Northern Haiti to provide medical services to those without access to modern medical treatments. After a series of natural disasters, Haitians are more in need than ever. Recently, the group has been joined by other volunteers and expanded to include water purification systems, microfinancing, and scholarships to help Haiti rebuild.

The Haiti Connection is a documentary that tells the stories of everyday heroes who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to to leave an extraordinary and lasting impact to those in need. It is a story of hope for the future of Haitians and other victims of disasters around the world, and for a small community in Washington State, a tale of triumph.

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