Grey Matter Design is a company that is passionate about making truly different and one of a kind products. It also happens to be a company run by my brother Jason Collings. A while back my big brother called me and said “hey dude I have been making these really cool tables made out of concrete, and I am starting my own business trying to sell them, wanna come over watch the game and check them out?” So I did.

After a big Canucks win we headed up to his garage to check out the tables. I was blown away at not just how cool and unique the tables looked but how much stuff was in the garage. There were so many tools I felt like I was on the set for Home Improvement. I instantly was fascinated and started asking lots of questions on how the process works and what inspired him to start to make these. After a good long chat and a few beers I realized that their could be a really cool film here. I said I would love to make a film for him about this process, he got really excited and shortly after we found ourselves back in the garage only this time the CTM team was there and we had cameras in our hands!

Check out our Blog at capturethemomentmedia.com for all the details!

j vimeo.com/69643803

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