Alternative Beauty is an abstract and experimental film I made inspired by the human mind and its train of thought. It's divided in 2 fragments with each of them having a different name.
First one is called Perception of Composing and it represents the actual train of thought with all it's interruptions which we often try to control by "composing" our thoughts. And the second fragment is called Mind Junction and it analyses(metaphorically) the troubled and chaotic mind and it's, in this case poetic train of thought.
The whole concept of the film was to combine various visual metaphors with the manipulative nature of the sounds, which normally wouldn't go together, and create the poetic feeling within the flow of the shots.
One might ask "Why Alternative Beauty then?" and the answer to that question is the last shot in the film, which I don't want to spoil with words...enjoy my attempt of visual poetry and experience it on your own, that's the only important thing.

Any comments and/or feedback is highly welcome and even more appreciated. I hope you enjoy the movie, and thanks for watching!

j vimeo.com/58490299

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