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PitchBitchTV - Episode 2 feat. DJI's Flame Wheel F550 Hexacopter feat. Wookong M + NAZA

A Video-Tutorial / How-To/ Build-Report for people who are interested in a "Beginner" entry-level aerial photography and filming solution.

Due to popular demand, PitchBitch TV Ep. #2 has been produced in english. Please, excuse the accent and probably some mistakes as I'm not a native speaker.

This episode is hefty 46 minutes long!

More details about DJI Innovations stuff:
- Flame Wheel F550 Hexacopter ARF Kit, dji-hobby.com/flame/index_en.html
- Multi-Rotors Control System Wookong M, dji-innovations.com/minisite/index_en.html
- Multi-Rotors Control System NAZA, dji-hobby.com/naza/index_en.html

After unboxing the F550, Wookong M and NAZA, a complete video build-report/how-to tutorial of the F550 is being presented. After that I will walk you through the software assistents of the Wookong M and NAZA. I will also show you how to set the autopilot-failsafe trigger with a Spektrum AR8000/DX8 + Compass Calibration on the Wookong M.

Besides DJI's stuff I will show you in this episode some other cool FPV accessoires.

These are:
- Quadframe's Landing Skid, quadframe.com
- Quadframe's 2-axis GoPro Gimbal, quadframe.com
- GoPro FPV "Snap" Protection Case, eyefly.info
- GoPro FPV Protection Lense, eyefly.info

The Video concludes with the maiden flight of the F550 and the Wookong M at the RC-Helis Düsseldorf flight club (rch-dus.de). A written english Review/how-to report + pictures will be published in the next 2 weeks at pitchbitch.eu. Feel free to ask questions with the comment option, and maybe I will cover them in the written Review.

Timeline of this episode/ Chapters:

01. PitchBitchTV Intro: 0:00 min
02. Introduction: 0:19 min
03. Unboxing DJI Flame Wheel F550 ARF Kit: 4:10 min
04. Unboxing DJI's Wookong M Controller: 5:33 min
05. Unboxing DJI's NAZA Controller: 8:02 min
06. Build-Report/How-To Tutorial F550 Build: 9:17 min
07. Quadframe's Landing Gear & GoPro 2axis Gimbal: 23:50 min
08. Spektrum AR8000 Wookong M/NAZA Setting: 24:53 min
09. F550/ Wookong M Software Setup Tutorial: 26:05 min
10. F550/ Wookong M Compass Calibration: 34:18 min
11. Spektrum AR8000 WKM Auto-Failsafe: 34:57 min
12. F550/ NAZA Software Overview: 38:10 min
13. F550 Wookong M Maiden-Flight/Flight Tests/GoPro FPV Case: 39:16 min

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