This is the main state-run shelter in Kiev. The police routinely round up street kids (pre-teens) and bring them to the center where some are virtually locked up like prisoners in 'secure' areas. Some are allowed to stay for a few months, others escape and return to the street before then.

CRY's program partners and other Christian volunteers work in the 'quarantine' wing, often referred to as the isolator - the children all have their heads shaved when they first come in and many suffer from all kinds of diseases.

Our Christian partners and other volunteers work with the children, doing games, crafts and other activities which enables friendships and trust to be built; and background history to be uncovered. Only then can contact be made with any surviving family members, the children encouraged to change their lifestyle, and viable options considered for their future which might include moving to Father's House children's home.

This clip was from 2005 when a CRY Kidz Klub - Kiev Summer Camp Mission team from England visited.

If you would like to support this work, visit - please give generously to this very worthwhile cause!


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