Abandoned Films


This 16mm film came with a batch of "abandoned" films I ordered off of ebay.

What do I hope to stumble upon...bits of narration, leader, the whir of the projector...elements I will glean and layer into my latest film.

So I borrowed a 16mm projector from our local library and re-shot the batch of films using my Canon XHAI. As I screen and re-shoot these films I will post portions of them on a vimeo group I created called "Abandoned Films"

Here's a little taste of the fantastic narration:

"Man never developed the instinctive force of direction with which many animals are born...like a blind man, he walks in darkness unaware of the countless invisible lines of direction that surround him..."

Tell me about it!

And they just don't play the organ like that anymore...

j vimeo.com/10216657

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