Doctor Nabs Talk Psychic Show

Nabil Shaban's music video spoof of the notorious Roswell Alien Autopsy film, shot for his BBC television documentary "The Alien who lived in the Sheds", which was broadcast on national television in 1997.

"The Alien who lived in the Sheds" is included in "Alien World" DVD, available from CreateSpace / Amazon

or the documentary can be download from

The words of "So You Want to Meet an Alien" come from his poem "Earl Grey, Let the Space in", can be found in his book "Dreams My Father Sold Me", an anthology of his graphic artwork and poetry, with a Foreword by Lord Richard Attenborough...and an Introduction by Doctor Who - Colin Baker.

The song by Nabil Shaban (Scabs Nabs), "So You Want to Meet an Alien" can be downloaded from iTunes


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